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Does work make mothers happy?

Autor: Hamplová, Dana
Rok: 2017
Druh: článek v odborném časopise
Zdroj: Journal of Happiness Studies
Citace: Hamplová, Dana. 2018. "Does work make mothers happy?" Journal of Happiness Studies.
Jazyk: anglicky
Klíčová slova: motherhood, subjective well-being, work employment
Odkaz: doi: 10.1007 /s10902-018-9958-2


The paper explores the link between employment and subjective well-being among mothers with children under 3 years of age. It uses a pooled sample from the ESS 2004–2014 data from 30 European countries. Analyzing multiple measures of subjective well-being, the paper shows that homemakers are generally happier than full-time workers. No significant differences between homemakers and part-time workers were found. Contrary to our expectations, homemaking was positively associated with happiness particularly among mothers who left higher quality employment for childcare. Though some variation across countries exists, it is not linked to the provision of formal childcare, duration of parental leave, or tax system.

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